Letter to the Editor

First Posted: 9/5/2009

To the Editor,

Ted Kennedy.
Its just a name. We all have names. Its our identity. A name is the only thing you come into this world with thats yours and cant be taken away. Depending on how you treat that name, may depend on how successful you are in life.
I think looking back over Ted Kennedys life his name faired pretty well. As in the letter he offered the Pope to ask for his blessing, he knew and acknowledged his short comings and failures in life.
I watched the majority of the memorial service and funeral of Senator Kennedy and person after person took the stage to put the Senators life into words. Democrats and Republicans alike shared their favorite stories of Ted Kennedy.
The most amazing part of all was how apparent it was that Ted Kennedy did not want any attention or spotlights placed on his efforts. Unlike todays politics and media shows, Ted had a mission and that was to help the underprivileged, and it showed. Ted sponsored or co-sponsored many important pieces of legislation that drastically improved our society.
Thanks to some of the legislation, my wife could return to her job after our daughter was born. Thanks to some of that legislation, my mother who suffers from MS, doesnt have to climb two flights of stairs to see her doctor. Thanks to some of that legislation the family with a disabled child can be assured they will receive an education.
Thanks to some of that legislation I could vote when I turned 18 and did not have to wait until I was 21. Thanks to some of that legislation the guy down the street who lost his job and doesnt have health insurance can rest a little easier knowing his children have health coverage.
The list could go on and on. Teds life cause was health insurance for everyone. Although Ted will not see it, we are closer than ever to much needed health reform. Maybe part of the health reform will be to share in the US Postal Service Health Plan like the one Tim Caudle enjoys.
I think every American who loves their country, loves their flag. The flag is a symbol of the past and the future. There is a lot of future in that flag due to the actions of leaders like Senator Kennedy.

Tadd Noonkester

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