Library game night creates quality time

First Posted: 1/8/2009

Uno! Bingo! Your turn! Youre out!
Usually the library is a place of quiet. But last night the silence was replaced with laughter and lots of outbursts, which were more than welcome at the Mount Airy Public Library as it held its first game night of the year.
A small crowd gathered in the lower level of the library Thursday night for two hours of games, conversation and snacks.
The game night, organized by Angela Llewellyn, is taking place every Thursday in January and February from 6 to 8 p.m.
Stacks of games were piled high on one table and snacks on another. Laughter, smiles and friendly competition hopped from table to table as friends, parents and children took turns at playing various games provided or brought in to share.
Its hard to say whose winning, said Jeff Linville, who was trying to beat his daughter at Blockade, a board game where the goal is for each player to get both their pawns to the starting location of their opponent. It can go either way.
Scanning the board, Sarah quickly looked up at her father, grinned, and moved her pawn closer to his side of the board.
Linville smiled, as if offering approval of her move.
It was the first game night for the Linvilles at the library, but it wasnt anything different from their normal routine of spending time together.
We play games a lot at home, said Linville, who added that he thought games were good for quality time with others. Im getting tired of kids repeating jingles from TV shows. The games are interactive and kids can talk with others.
Game enthusiasts Mary Dowell and her daughter, Jaime Dowell, also attended the game night with Mary Nicholson and Karen Weddle. The quartet took on a few games of Uno before switching pace and playing Spades.
Im glad to get out to play games, said Nicholson, in between fishing through her hand for a card to throw on a table.
The others agreed and said they would be back next week.
The family gets together every Wednesday to play games, said Dowell, who passed around cookies during the game. This is a lot of fun.
Llewellyn, who organized the game night, said she was disappointed in the size of the crowd that turned out, but added she was hopeful for an increase in next weeks participation.
Im looking forward to building the program, she said. I hope the people who here tonight will each bring somebody back with them next week.
Llewellyn said one of next weeks big games will be Celebrity, in which everyone in a group writes down the name of a famous real or fictional person which will be thrown into a pot. Each person will draw a name and be given a minute to act out, give clues or do anything (without saying the name of the celebrity) to help the crowd determine the identity of the person.
Its a crowd pleaser, she said.
Thursdays game nights are open to the public. The games are set up in the multipurpose room, and guests are welcome to bring snacks, drinks and their own games.
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