Letter to the Editor

First Posted: 8/25/2009

To the Editor,

There you go again, town of Mount Airy! As if the awful ugly Blackmon Amphitheatre werent enough, now you have an ugly windowless hatbox being plopped down beside the Andy Griffith Playhouse, at a cost of some $600,000. My, there does not seem to be at all any economic downturn here in rural North Carolina! Why, just a few evenings ago, there political powers that be have earmarked several hundred thousand dollars more for questionable projects. It must be very nice not to have any financial hardship in these trying times! Surry County seeking a new prison to bring more jobs? Not to worry! The new Andy Griffith Playhouse museum would make an ideal prison…no windows for inmates to escape through…what a great idea! Oh, sorry to say, that the state of NC is about to close 17 of its 79 prisons. Surry County just is not likely to see a new prison any time in the future.
Now, perhaps Surry County could see about building a trash-to-energy plant at the site of the current landfill. That would obviate the need to expand the landfill onto private property and kicking innocent landowners out of their lifelong homes, while providing quality jobs in the bargain, and disposing of large volumes of trash. Surry County, theres your chance to be an environmental leader instead of follower! If that doesnt appeal to you, then shame on you!
One more thing…in all the years Ive been browsing the Mount Airy News, I have yet to see President Obamas photo on your front page…do you have some sort of problem with a Democratic African-American president?

Respectfully submitted,
R.J. Miller
Fancy Gap

Editors Note: On Nov. 5, 2008, the lead story on page 1 of The Mount Airy News was the election of Barack Obama to the office of president. A picture of Mr. Obama was the dominate photograph on the page. Since then, no article or picture featuring any national or state issue or person has appeared on the front page of The News. As a community newspaper, every story and photograph on The News front page deals with local people and local issues.

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