Deputy causes rear-end accident

First Posted: 1/5/2009

A Surry County Sheriffs deputy rear-ended a 70-year-old woman and her husband as she was turning into the strip mall where Gates Pharmacy is located Monday afternoon.
Daniel Griffith, 47, was driving a Dodge Durango, owned by the Surry County Sheriffs Office, when he hit Shirley and Harold Warren, of Wedgewood Drive, Mount Airy, in the rear as she was turning off Independence Boulevard just east of South Street at 3:37 p.m., according to Mount Airy Police Officer Terry Shelton.
The Warrens were transported to Northern Hospital of Surry County by ambulance. Shelton said Mrs. Warren was complaining of neck and shoulder pain.
Shelton said that Griffith just wasnt paying attention and was traveling about 25 miles per hour when he struck Warrens 2000 Buick. After Griffith struck Warrens vehicle, she traveled into the parking lot toward Gates Pharmacy. Her vehicle stopped when it hit a 1985 Cadillac owned by James Blizzard. The front bumper of Blizzards car was pushed in because of the crash. He said he was inside the pharmacy picking up medicine when the accident occurred.
Michelle Wall, a physician assistant with Majure Skin Care, said Mr. Warren was on his way to an appointment at the doctors office when the accident happened.
No charges will be filed by the Mount Airy Police Department, Shelton said. Insurance will have to pay for the damage to the Warrens car and for their injuries.
The Mount Airy Fire Department and Mount Airy Rescue Squad assisted at the scene.

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