Letter to the Editor

First Posted: 2/10/2009

To the Editor,

I would like to give a vote of gratitude to the Surry County Commissioners for voting not to sell our landfill. I have traveled extensively up and down the east coast in recent years. I have on many occasions gotten behind tractor and trailers hauling garbage as recently as January 31, 2009, in south Florida.
If the sale or lease of our landfill becomes a reality we will see trash blowing out of these trailers onto the side of the roadway from Winston Salem, up Highway 52, Interstate 77 and Interstate 74 to the County Landfill. The stench that comes from these trailers into your cars air system is virtually unbearable, especially when it is raining and water is running out of the trailers and blowing on your automobile.
For tourists coming to the Autumn Leaves Festival and other events in the county, people will have to pass or be passed by a half dozen stinking garbage tractor and trailers to get here. Would you come back? Would you buy real estate, live here or start a business?
Our family has been in this county for 256 years, some families have been here much longer. For me to sit idle and let a handful of people turn this county into garbage dumping ground and a home for harden criminals would be a disgrace.
The citizens of this county deserve better. We need to think about our ancestry, ourselves, and future generations. We have a good place to live. Dont let greed and the personal gain for a few destroy what people in this county have worked so long and hard for.
One family has already lost their home and family farm in this manner … Who is next?
Surry County is our Home.
This county is known as a county in the northwest corner of North Carolina with extraordinary views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Pilot Mountain State Park. This county is full of first class, hard working citizens that have paid a price for a decent quality of life and a place called home.
To sell or lease our home for a trash dump and a prison yard would be tragic.
Wayne R. Denny
Pilot Mountain

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