Letter to the Editor

First Posted: 2/19/2009

To the Editor,

This past week across the land some are debating the issue of creation versus Darwins theory of evolution, since its Darwins birthday.
Actually, theres nothing to debate. Either youre in darkness, or youre in the light. Simple as that. No in between.
You see, believers in God did not become such because some dream team of genius scientists or modern day thinkers spent their life putting together a body of evidence filled with undeniable and overwhelming proofs that support creationism. Because theres not enough evidence or proofs in ten thousand worlds to make one believer.
Because becoming a believer in God (and hence creationism) is simply an act of God. Better known as grace, which is divine influence on the heart and its effect on a persons life.
Best described by a blind man in the Bible whom Jesus healed. And when pressed by unbelievers to explain he broke it down into simple laymens terms. He said, one thing I know, whereas I was blind, now I see.
You know, the light is on, or the light is off. And God has the switch.

Lonnie Malcomb
Hillsville, Va.

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