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First Posted: 3/27/2009

To Gentry Middle School Principal Tom Hemmings and Pilot Mountain Middle School Principal Dennis Lawson for their little bet from this past December.
To spur their students on in a food drive to help the area needy, the two principals decided to make the annual events a competition, measuring on a per-student basis how many cans of food were brought in. The losing principal agreed to serve food at the winning school, while wearing the colors of the winning school, and Hemmings paid off his debt this past week.
Of course, there were no losers here. Both schools brought in more food, which meant there was more to go around in the community, the students learned a little bit about helping others, and everyone seemed to have fun.
Thats a win all around.
To the Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce for holding its annual awards luncheon this week.
The chamber recognized several businesses with awards, and thats just another way the folks at the Chamber help support and work for a vibrant local economy.
Its nice that the chamber works hard to recognize local businesses who achieve levels of excellence, and the chamber deserves some recognition for its work, too.
To the Surry County Board of Commissioners for holding a four-hour open meeting Thursday night for people to discuss the proposed Fibrowatt plant.
Yes, the boards job is to be responsive to the public, to allow their constituents a chance to be heard, and the board has done that on numerous occasions over the past couple of years on the Fibrowatt project. While the commissioners could have been excused had they simply said folks had missed their chance, they went the extra mile in accommodating county residents with an opinion on the development.

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