Sunny weather lures many people outside

First Posted: 3/8/2009

The sudden change in weather after a week that started out with snow and ice lured many people outside to enjoy the temperatures that soared into the 70s and near 80s on Saturday and Sunday in Surry County.
Sisters Kancie, Kinley and Kelby Tate found it odd that the same yard in front of their home off of West Lebanon Street which was covered in snow just a few days ago was now the site of their trampoline instead of a snowman.
Its a great day to be out here, said Kinley, 10, in-between doing back flips on the trampoline.
Were enjoying the weather, said her older sister, Kelby, 15, who encouraged her younger sister, Kancie, 4, to show of her gymnastics.
Its good exercise for them, said their mom, Tracie Tate. On days like this, sometimes I get out there with them.
The census to come out and play in the sunshine was generally the same across Mount Airy, especially for adults and children.
Touching close to 80 degrees, Sunday afternoon was the perfect day for Kevin Payne and a few of his friends to take their remote-controlled cars out racing at the Veterans Memorial Park.
It was fun to come outside and play in this weather, said Payne, as he filled a miniature truck up with fuel. I was getting tired of it being cold.
Payne said unless you can find an inside track, the remote-controlled cars are more fun to operate outside in good weather.
His friend, Daryl Speas, agreed.
He said they took advantage of the temperature yesterday evening, but might have had a little too much fun.
We like to come out here every once in a while and race these… yesterday was actually the first day weve been able to in a while, he said. We wrecked some of the cars.
But having to fix their cars after a few small mishaps yesterday was a small price to pay to enjoy sunny weather in March.
Were just having fun, he said.
Father Danny Sumner decided to take his son, Catlin Sumner, 12, and his daughter, Carley Sumner, 9, out for a walk along West Lebanon Street Sunday. The trio ventured off their journey to gander the a 90 MM Gun Tank M47 Patton at the Veterans Memorial Park.
The weather is so nice its unreal, said Sumner, as he watched his son and daughter gaze at the tank. Its really unbelievable.
He said he wanted to come out and enjoy the weather with his children, because its not something that will last long this time of the year.
It will be snowing again March isnt over yet, he said, laughing.
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