No holidays yet, first we must see ALF (not the TV character)

First Posted: 9/29/2009

Its hard to believe today is the last day of September. The fall season officially came a week and a day ago, and three-quarters of the year have flown by.
Before we know it, well be donning costumes and begging for candy, or those of still young enough to beg for candy will be doing so. The rest of us may be out at a Halloween party or enjoying passing candy on to the younger ones as they ring the doorbell.
Then, the days will quickly be at time to start thawing out turkeys and cooking them, baking pumpkin pies, sweet potato casserole (my absolute favorite dish in the world, when its cooked properly with nuts and/or marshmallows on top), green beans, and more. At my grandmothers house, she always made sure there were lots of extra mashed potatoes and dark meat, because thats what the Byerlys like most.
And since, Thanksgiving comes late this year, Christmas will only be a hop and a jump past that.
I cant believe the new year, 2010, is so close to being here. Time seems to have been on the Expressway this year.
But before all of those holidays come, there is a weekend coming to sit down and enjoy the old-time and bluegrass music of the area, to visit with friends we might only see once a year, to taste the local favorites like collard green sandwiches and ground steak on a bun and to peruse through numerous booths of handmade arts and crafts and do a little shopping for ourselves, as well as for Christmas.
While some in the area might rather avoid downtown Mount Airy altogether, or even the mall or Wal-Mart where other vendors tend to be set up and drawing a crowd, I prefer diving feet first onto the streets of the historic district to indulge in some shopping and eating.
If the cold weather is going to take over the area, I might as well celebrate its coming with everyone else in the county.
On Oct. 8, the streets of downtown will begin to gradually shut down to motorize traffic as booths are set up to draw in foot traffic for the three days we like to call the Autumn Leaves Festival.
I enjoy shopping and walking and looking and, of course, eating. I also enjoy fellowshipping with others from the fire department with which Im connected as we park cars for a small fee at one of the closest bank parking lots to the festival on Main Street.
The weekend is a time to sit back, rest, relax, mingle, and have a good time. I hope everyone finds the time to visit downtown during the Autumn Leaves Festival and enjoy it, before the madness and mayhem of the holiday season is upon us.
Wendy Byerly Wood is the associate editor of The Mount Airy News. She can be reached at [email protected]

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