Letter to The News

First Posted: 11/30/2009

To the Editor,

What has happened in America that President Obama would order the troops in combat zones to provide Miranda rights to captured enemy combatants?
May God Almighty be with America!
What has happened that terrorists will be tried in a civilian court as opposed to the traditional military tribunal and receive the constitutional rights reserved only for citizens of the U.S.?
All of us pray without ceasing for this Union!
What has happened that this administration replaced terrorists with man-made disaster? The actual man-made disaster is the officials in Washington, D.C.
May they, like the prodigal son, come to their senses before it is too late!
What has happened in America that some people, who appear to be crooks in sheeps clothing, can win reelection after reelection? Career and politician should never appear side by side.
Pray that we, the people, will gain our own senses and remove these scandals from office and begin with a new group of officials!
What has happened in America that a person, e.g., Glenn Beck, Bill OReilly and Sarah Palin, receive character assassination instead of being proven wrong or inaccurate?
May we pray to the Supreme Being of the universe return truth and honesty to this nation!
What has happened in America that some people, e.g., TEA party participants and people who attended the town hall meetings, are called vile names for exercising their 1st Amendment right of freedom of speech and the right to demand a redress of a grievance with this government?
Each of us must entreat with Divine Providence for the preservation of the constitution of the United States of America!
What has happened in America that many of the news media offered excuses for the Fort Hood mass murderer instead of referring to Nadil Hasan for what he is: An Islamic terrorist? Why do a myriad of public officials perform the same act?
There is a profound necessity for prays that the leaders will begin to admit facts!

Kenneth E. Huffman

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