Election has begun

First Posted: 9/23/2009

While the primary election of Mount Airys mayor is still nearly three weeks away, voting has already begun.
Nearly a dozen city residents have cast a ballot at the Surry County Board of Elections office as part of an early voting option.
Another site for the early voting will be open beginning on Sept. 30 at the Mount Airy Public Library.
Of course, these early voting sites are designed to allow people who might not be in town on election day to get their vote in, and it serves as a way for folks to cast a ballot without chancing long election-day lines.
They also offer city residents a chance to register and vote, an important function since the regular registration deadline has already passed.
Four candidates are vying for the citys mayoral post. Each brings a different background, a unique perspective and varying degrees of skill, knowledge and experience to the race. While the mayor doesnt typically vote on issues which come before the board of commissioners, the mayor nevertheless plays an important role.
He or she sets the tone for the board and represents all the residents of Mount Airy in a way individual commissioners cannot. It is an important post, and we hope all city residents who are eligible to vote will do so, and those who have not yet registered will take advantage of the early voting locations and do so.

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