Letter to the Editor

First Posted: 1/8/2009

To the Editor:

Let me see if I have this correct. According to a front page article in the Mount Airy News on 1-06-2009, a sheriff deputy, in a county car, rear ends a couple of 70 year olds, so hard it pushes them into a parking lot hitting another car and sending them to the hospital. Further an officer on the scene plainly states the deputy, was not paying attention, behind the wheel of a moving car. All this with no traffic charges to the deputy?
Does this strike anyone, besides me, as careless and reckless driving? Well, if not, dont be alarmed the Mount Airy Police dont think so either. Their opinion seems to be that the insurance companies will have to duke it out … Thats fine for a civil case, but for court, and all the added joys that brings to life like fines, court cost, drivers license points, court dates, lawyer fees, and a partridge in a pear tree. Are law enforcement officers in Surry Co. now exempt from the very laws they are sworn to enforce on us? To the contrary, I thought they should be held to a higher standard. Well thats a joke, I would be held to a higher standard over a seat belt violation. What am I saying I have been, right here in Mt. Airy. That came with fines and court cost and the only person likely to be hurt in an accident while I was breaking that law, would have been me.
Unless of course maybe I flew out my window, through the air, and onto the windshield of a pair of 70 year olds, landing in their laps. At 275 pounds it just wouldnt be pretty. Sorry, off subject, but that scenario is no more ridiculous than what Im reading. The article plainly states that, no charges will be filed. Youve got to be kidding; these traffic laws are meant for everyone, are they not? Not even the cursory, an investigation is continuing. Oh it should be, but not by local law enforcement, they have proven they cant handle a simple fender bender when one of their own is involved. Is the Attorney General Office paying attention? Send them a copy and this letter.
Guess Ill keep this edition of the Mount Airy News and use it as my own personal get out of a ticket card, at my next accident where Im plainly at fault. Yeah Right!! So, chief, sheriff, tell us, is this the start of the suspension of all traffic citations for everyone, perhaps its just that law enforcement types are more equal than the rest of us, or maybe its some of that old Sheriff Taylor, bailing Deputy Fife out of hot water again stuff?

James Nunn
Mount Airy

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