Students surprised by commons on first day

First Posted: 8/25/2009

Tuesday was a day of firsts for students at Mount Airy High School.
It was the first day of the new school year. It was also the first day in recent memory that students have not had to dine under a carport because of overcrowding in the cafeteria.
When students entered the cafeteria for the first lunch period Tuesday morning, it was to see the archways leading into a brand new commons area open and tables just waiting for them to sit down and enjoy their food.
Last October students, county officials and board of education members gathered outside Mount Airy High School for the official groundbreaking ceremony to begin the project. Ten months later, the dream that has been many years coming was realized as the final walk-through and opening permits came through just in time for the first day of school.
Students, teachers and administrators were all excited to see the project finally reach completion and become a focal point of the school.
I think its very bright and very open. It allows us to have more people in the lunch room, said Caitlin Bell. It will definitely live up to the expectations of a commons area.
The extra space has allowed the school to move from having three lunch periods to accommodate all of the students to having two lunch periods. It also allows all of the students to find space at a table to sit. Before the advent of the commons area, there were tables in the hallway area in front of the cafeteria as well as under a carport just outside the building, leaving students outside during rainy and cold weather days.
I really like it. Its huge and theres room for lots of people which is really what we needed, said Haley McKinney.
Its very open. I like how its very sunny and bright, said Paulina Kriska, who just transferred to the school as a sophomore. I was definitely not expecting it to look this good.
The commons area will serve as more than just an addition to the cafeteria. It will also act as a lobby for the gymnasium for sporting events and a gathering space for the school and the community.
The final project in completing the commons area is the installation of engraved pavers in front of the main entrance. These pavers are on sale to the community and an order will be placed for the first batch as soon as 100 pavers are purchased.
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