What someone meant for bad, the community turns to good

First Posted: 7/27/2009

Someone broke into Closer Walk Baptist Church Sunday morning and set the building ablaze.
Psychologists can fill reams of paper explaining the research and theories behind what it is about fire that fascinates some people, even to the degree that a few become arsonists.
What cannot be explained, nor ever excused, is what leads a person to set fire to a family home, or a community institution such as a church building.
We are thankful no one was in the building at that time, and that no injuries were reported in fighting the blaze. However, the entire community should be saddened that such a thing could happen. We certainly hope those responsible are brought to a full accounting of their actions.
What cannot be overlooked is the community response. Many of the church members were out that morning, along with neighbors from the area, helping to board up the windows and doors to keep the elements from further damaging the structure.
And they were boarding those openings with lumber donated by a local business, Riverside Builders.
In the face of adversity, a communitys true character can often be found. In the case of those who live near or attend Closer Walk Baptist Church, weve seen what it is that makes Mount Airy and Surry County a community where people ought to want to live. Caring, responsible folks willing to step up and give what is needed, whether that be in the form of donating materials, skills, or time.
Now the church turns to finding temporary quarters, while trying to rebuild from the ashes. We suspect the members, along with their neighbors in the community, will emerge from this trying time stronger, and closer, than ever before.

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