Letter to the Editor

First Posted: 6/23/2009

To the Editor,

THANK YOU! Thank you to Doctor Blackley and the 37 other physicians who are concerned enough about the health of the residents of Elkin, the citizens of Surry County and the people of North Carolina to publicly ask the Board of Commissioners not to allow Fibrowatt to come here and pollute our air. The only thing about their statement that surprised me, is that it was not a feature article in the Tribune after it was presented at the meeting June 15th or printed in Letter to the Editor the following Wednesday. The Doctors put forth important information about what the presence of dioxins, arsenic, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, small and large particulate matter and acid gasses emitted from the proposed plant would do to the health of the people living nearby. The Tribune has a responsibility to their readers to get that information out, even if it is information that the BOC and other interested parties wish to deny or bury.
When it was announced that a local citizens group (CACHE) had formed to fight an incinerator that burns chicken manure from being placed in our town, Craig Hunter called them environmental activists, accused them of intentionally disseminating false information and resorting to scare tactic activism to further their anti-growth and anti-business agendas. He went on to say that none of these groups or their supporters have any credibility with me or the BOC. That their agendas will fall on deaf ear. Well, Mr. Hunter, do you think 38 physicians that are deeply concerned about health of their community, fit into your activist definition? Will their pleas fall on deaf ear? The Doctors have stated all physicians would be delighted if Fibrowatt provided cleaner air but that doesnt appear to be the case. If someone could show us that Fibrowatt would provide cleaner air we physicians wouldnt be spending our time on this issue.
Paul Johnson went on to tell WXII 12 that the commissioners have voted and were not changing our minds about the project. That the group was exhausting its efforts and that it should move on. I think you are wrong, Mr. Johnson. BREDL and CACHE are not going to move on as you put it. We do not live in a dictatorship and a 5 member board will not have the final say about the air we breathe.

Joan Vasata

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