Fancy Gap gets $8 million stimulus grant

First Posted: 9/11/2009

FANCY GAP, Va. Congressman Rick Boucher of Virginia announced Friday that Carroll County has been awarded more than $8 million to construct public water and wastewater systems in Fancy Gap.
Boucher visited Fancy Gap Pottery Friday morning to announce the major provision of stimulus funding through the economic-recovery package approved by Congress earlier this year.
He said the money will provide public water and wastewater services for the first time to residents and enable growth in the number of businesses and homes in the Fancy Gap community.
With the benefit of the federal funds, the Carroll County Public Service Authority will install more than 13 miles of wastewater lines. When completed, the new wastewater system will provide sewer service to 65 homes and businesses in the Fancy Gap community.
Additionally, the PSA will install nearly 13 miles of water lines and a 200,000-gallon water storage tank as well as groundwater supply wells. The new water system will provide public water service to more than 190 homes and businesses in the Fancy Gap area for the first time.
In addition to serving existing properties, the availability of the new water and wastewater services will enable residential and commercial growth in the Fancy Gap community, officials said. About 100 acres of road frontage property is expected to be developed, and it is estimated that 72 jobs will be created in the Fancy Gap community by the new development.
Boucher said he had urged that robust grant funding be included in the economic-stimulus legislation for the construction and improvement of water and wastewater systems.
As a result, his Ninth Congressional District, which includes Carroll County, so far has received $57 million toward those projects. Boucher said the money will boost long-term economic-development efforts of communities such as Fancy Gap.
Carroll County has been particularly successful in qualifying for federal stimulus funds for its utility infrastructure. Along with the $8 million announced Friday, the county recently received $7.2 million to construct a new water system to serve 322 homes and businesses and Wildwood Commerce Park.
Another $1.8 million was awarded to build a water and wastewater system to serve the southern portion of the county around the Exit 1 interchange of Interstate 77.
Also, the town of Hillsville has received Recovery Act funds of more than $552,900 to build a new wastewater system for the Cranberry Creek community.
To meet the utility needs in Fancy Gap, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, through its Rural Development Agency, is providing a federal grant of $2.68 million and a low-interest federal loan of $1 million to construct the water system. Also included is a federal grant of $2.37 million and low-interest federal loan of $2 million to construct the wastewater operation.
Boucher pointed out Friday that Fancy Gap is the second-most-traveled entry and exit point to the Blue Ridge Parkway; however, the community has been unable to reach its full potential to attract visitors and develop local businesses.
Several business leaders in the community, led by Gina Isom owner of Fancy Gap Pottery had come together to discuss the communitys future and identified failing wastewater treatment facilities as a major factor preventing growth in the community, the congressman said.
The group contacted my office as well as the Carroll County Board of Supervisors and Public Service Authority with their concerns, Boucher said.

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