United Fund names new chair

First Posted: 1/15/2009

The United Fund of Surry has named a new campaign chairman for the coming year.
Dr. Ashley Hinson, superintendent of Surry County Schools, was unanimously chosen by the nominating committee to lead the new campaign.
He has an army behind him, said Kate Appler, executive director of the United Fund of Surry, of Hinsons appointment.
When they asked I said I wont but we will, said Hinson, who has previously served on the United Fund of Surry board. There is not a thing I do without a lot of help.
He was unaware that the nominating committee was even considering him as a candidate and said he was humbled and honored by the announcement.
I couldnt say no, he said. When you are the United Fund and so many people are depending on you, thats a huge task. For them to feel like I can do that is humbling.
Hinson hopes to bring new eyes and new ideas to the campaign to help it accomplish its goals to help as many people as possible.
The school system has been an example to the rest of the county and will continue to be. The way our system and employees are, they see things such as this as an opportunity, he said. Were going to focus on the people that need this.
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