Stay away Old Man Winter, were not ready for fall

First Posted: 9/1/2009

Not to be the one to spoil the fun, but I fear fall is quickly creeping in around the area.
Now, I dont know that just two days of cool weather warrant that assumption, but it was plum chilly when I left the house headed to work Tuesday morning, and that was at 11 oclock, not 7 or 8.
Before leaving the house, I glanced outside where the wind had picked up a bit and noticed yellow leaves falling from the trees.
There werent hundreds of them floating to the ground as the wind carried them to and fro, but there were enough to be noticed.
Yesterday was the first day of September. When the ember months get here, we know the cold air isnt far behind, unfortunately.
Now, some of you may enjoy cooler, even frigid, temperatures, but myself, I enjoy the balmy sun beaming down on me and I cant stand wearing three or four layers of clothes and a giant, thick coat on top of it. The heavy clothes make me feel claustrophobic.
Part of my need for warm weather could likely be the fact that Ive always been drawn to the water. Yes, Im a Pisces. You cant very well swim or play in the water when it is cold outside. It gives you goosebumps, muscle cramps, hypothermia. It just isnt conducive to having fun like playing in water is when its hot outside.
From now forward, when the weather forecasts are calling for cold fronts to come through the area, it is going to actually mean cold air is coming. In the summer time, a cold front might mean a rainy forecast, but temperatures rarely drop more than a few degrees, like from 90 to 80 or 85.
In the ember months, it means cold rain drops, chilly winds and temperatures that go from 80 to 69 or lower early on, and then even colder as the fall and winter seasons get closer and take over.
Maybe this early, quick blast of cooler air means a winter of actual snow. For me, if it is going to get cold, I want something to show for it you know, the winter flaky stuff called snow, something most young kids around here have never seen because we havent had a decent snow fall in 10 years or more.
I dont want ice, nor sleet, I want the white fluffy snow. Having frigid temperatures isnt worth the pain to my ears, sinuses and fingers and toes if there isnt something to at least make it worthwhile.
Not to rush the seasons at all. Ill take the warm, even balmy hot, weather as long as it is willing to hang in there and fight the take over by the cold Old Man Winter.
And we have to be able to enjoy some gorgeous leaf shows among the trees as they turn to colors of gold, red, brown, orange … before the cold weather completely embraces the area.
So, hot weather, I invite you to stay as long as you would like. I encourage you to stay. But if you must go, please dont be gone too long. I dont want to forget what you feel like.
Wendy Byerly Wood is the associate editor of The Mount Airy News. She can be reached at [email protected] or 719-1923.

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