Capacity limit causes bus switch for some students

First Posted: 3/26/2009

Staff Report

Parents of students at Westfield Elementary received an automated message Thursday afternoon informing them of a possible delay in their childs arrival home via bus.
The message was sent out due to some students having to load on a different bus due to overcrowding.
According to school system personnel, the capacity of a school bus is 71 students. The number of students on a bus changes from day to day and even from morning to afternoon due to some students being picked up or dropped off by different means. When the number of students on a bus exceeds the capacity, other steps are taken to ensure the safety of all the students.
This usually only applies to one or two students, but Thursday saw 13 additional students on one bus, causing the switch to be made. According to officials, the school knew there would be more students in time to make the necessary changes and there was no known delay in the drop-off time of students at their homes.

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