Thumbs Up

First Posted: 11/20/2009

To all of the area athletes and coaches who have concluded, or are nearly finished with, the fall sports season.
Participating in sports can be a lot of fun, but like anything else in life there is a trade-off. Athletes have to spend hours every week conditioning, practicing and preparing for the games. Coaches spend even more time planning practices and then running them, getting their charges prepared for the games.
While the individual athletes derive a great deal of benefit from their work, sports particularly high school sports often serve as a social center for their communities, and we all benefit from the time and work the athletes and coaches put in.
To all the businesses and individuals who have donated to the United Fund of Surry Countys annual campaign thus far this year.
In these tight economic times, there is more need than ever for the money the United Fund supplies to area human service agencies, but its also difficult to raise that money. So far, the United Fund has raised 60 percent of its $500,000 goal this year, and that is because of the generosity of those who have stepped up and made donations.
To Project Connect the Dots, which sponsored a Project Night last week. The event was an evening of fun, games and music by local bands meant to appeal to area youth, while also pushing the message that drinking particularly underage drinking can lead to a life of ruin.
Anything that can draw in young people and get across that message in a manner which grabs their attention is a worthwhile endeavor.

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