Letter to the Editor

First Posted: 6/3/2009

To the Editor,

I would like to commend the Parks and Recreation Department of Mount Airy, the Wildlife Resources Commission, and any others involved in creating the fine fishing facility at Westwood Park, here in Mount Airy. It is a serene, peaceful, and clean lake and the pier is outstanding. I am a resident of Mount Airy, an avid fisherman and also disabled. Unfortunately, there arent many places nearby to fish and none as nice as Westwood Park. I have been fishing there the past few months and although what I have caught has been relatively small, I have enjoyed it immensely. Size does not matter to me as long is something is pulling on the line! The bluegill are beginning to mature to a good size now and Im so glad more catfish were added.
I truly appreciate this fine facility right here at home and look forward to continuing to spend many more hours there enjoying the serenity and fishing. Again, kudos to all involved.

Wayne Nichols
Mount Airy

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