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First Posted: 8/28/2009

To the Mount Airy Downtown Business Association (DBA) for getting the ball rolling now, helping with the Surry County Sheriffs Office Christmas Fund.
The Fund is an annual program where Sheriff Graham Atkinson and his department takes in donations that are given out to area needy families at Christmas, so children who might otherwise have few, if any, Christmas gifts will have presents that morning.
The DBA, under the guidance of president Brandt Scholz, is getting the program geared up now to give folks plenty of time to be able to help out, and to show that the downtown businesses are good places for area people to shop for gifts to donate to the program
To the African-American Historical and Genealogical Society of Surry County, for sponsoring a program aimed at getting area youth to write stories from their familys history.
This program is a wonderful way to get children and teens interested in their family histories, in their own past, and to hopefully spur in them a desire to record and write about these events.
And there is no better time to do this sort of thing than when people are young, so they can access information which may be gone in ten or twenty years.
To the North Carolina Highway Patrol, for assigning a state trooper to work with high schools in Surry and Yadkin counties.
The move came about after annual statistics showed teenage driving fatalities on the rise, and the Highway Patrol is taking the proactive move of putting a trooper in the schools to educate teens about driving safety.
This isnt about law enforcement, but about preventing deaths and injuries in accidents, and it is a good example of community service by a law enforcement agency.

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