Freshman Frenzy helps new students find their way

First Posted: 8/5/2009

What tools are needed to be successful at Surry Early College High School of Design?
Incoming freshmen found out that those tools are easier to find than they thought during a scavenger across part of Surry Community Colleges campus during Wednesday mornings Freshman Frenzy.
During the hunt, students had to decipher the clues to figure out they were looking for items such as pencils, highlighters, folders and binder clips. The items were scattered across the landscape between the T Building and the Library on the campus, hidden in flower beds, hanging from trees and laying in the grass.
Students also took a tour of the campus which was led by upperclassmen at the school.
We got to go around the campus and see what were going to be doing, said Samuel Keathley, an incoming freshman. Its a good opportunity.
We got to see the different buildings and see where were going so we dont get lost, said Jenna Miller.
The upperclassman tour leaders warned them not to be intimidated by the size of the campus, telling them that they will get lost the first day but that is OK.
Incoming freshmen also were asked to write I Am poems which they read before a camera. The poems will be streamed through the television in the lobby of the T Building and played on a loop so all of the students at the school can get to know them. Some of the rising seniors have also written I Am poems which will also be played on the television.
The upperclassmen helping to lead Freshman Frenzy will provide the freshmen with friendly faces on the first day of school. They can also provide valuable advice about expectations at the school.
Were showing them around, showing them the ropes and giving them a campus tour so we can all become a family, said Savannah Bowman, one of the upperclassmen, emphasizing the point that the Early College is a close-knit community. This is my first year showing them around. I like it.
Were providing them with insightful knowledge about teachers, said Jeremiah Johnson.
Principal Celia Hodges is excited for the opportunity Freshman Frenzy provides the new students.
I think its important for them to come here on a day when there are not 4,000-plus people on campus, she said. They can get familiar faces with the upperclassmen so they can ask for help. Its intimidating, and I dont want it to be.
Students left the day, after having pizza and cake for lunch, in possession of a Surry Early College bag, a T-shirt, a pencil, a pen and their schedule for first semester. That schedule includes three college courses.
I think that is the most exciting for them, said Hodges of the presence of the college classes on their schedules.
Classes begin for students at Surry Early College on Aug. 17.
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