Bomb threat clears mall

First Posted: 5/21/2009

Mayberry Mall in Mount Airy was evacuated Thursday evening after someone called in a bomb threat to K-mart, but authorities found no evidence of any explosives.
Somebody called in to one of the cashiers. It was real vague, they didn’t give any specifics, they just said someone had left a bomb in a bag and then hung up, said Lt. Richard Lowe of the Mount Airy Police Department.
He said the call came in a few minutes before 7 p.m.
As a safety precaution, we ended up evacuating the whole mall, he said. With fire department and rescue squad personnel standing by, the police swept the store and found nothing.
After about an hour, everyone was released to go back inside.
Lowe said recent changes in laws governing bomb threats make such an action a more serious offense, with significant fines and potential jail time for anyone caught issuing a bomb threat.
In addition, he said such threats use up valuable resources.
You think about it. The fire department is tied up, the EMS crew is tied up, and several of our guys, he said, adding that whether authorities believe such a call is a threat or not the procedure is the same. You have to take everything serious and treat it like its the real thing until you find out different.
Whats bad about it, too, is you hate it for the businesses. Youre taking people out of their jobs for an hour, customers cant come in and go, thats pretty bad, too.
He said no arrests were made in the case, but the investigation will continue.

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