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First Posted: 2/20/2009

Angela Allen and other supporters of The House of Recovery Faith and Hope. The home, which will open next month, is aimed at women, some of them with children, who need help to get their lives off a destructive path that often includes drug and alcohol use or jail time. The House, and its program, offers an innovative, comprehensive approach to helping woman overcome their past and enjoy a successful, productive life.
And all of that from Allens desire to help others. Sometimes one person can make a tremendous difference.
To the local folks who turned out at a fundraiser for the Childrens Center of Surry. You all raised nearly $15,000 in one night to help this vital organization that helps those who may be least able to help themselves area children.
To Gentry Middle School students and their teachers, who raised more than $4,200 for Victory Junction Gang Camp through their Gentry Middle School Derby, modeled loosely after the famous Pinewood Derby held each year by Cub Scouts.
The teachers structure the program as a way for students to use what they have learned in several disciplines to build and race the cars, and they all secure sponsorships as a fundraiser for the camp. And, in the end, everyone participating simply has a good time. Its a win for everyone.
To the amazing teachers, maintenance personnel and the parent from B.H. Tharrington Primary School who risked their own lives running into a house fire to save the senior resident Friday morning.
Lisa Easter, Carol Joyce, Jill Holder, Dustin York and Paul Watson saw the fire at Juanita Hawks home near Tharrington and rushed to the assistance of the wheelchair-bound Hawks. They saved her life.
Teachers make a difference in the lives of their students every day, but Friday these three ladies, with the assistance of York and Watson, made the difference in the life of a school neighbor.
To the community members who took time out of their busy schedules this week to share their careers with the students of East Surry High School during the Career and Technical Education career fair.
Hopefully, the students were inspired to go out and do great things with their lives following high school and to work hard while still in school to prepare for whats ahead.
To everyone who donated part of their hard-earned money to United Fund of Surry so the organization can in turn help others in our area.
The group raised 95 percent of its goal. While the organizers may be disappointed, we feel that is a great accomplishment in light of the recent economic struggles of the area and the nation.

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