Letters to The News

First Posted: 3/28/2009

To the Editor,

Col. Don Belle, true selflessness.
I am writing in reference to recent events involving Col. Don Belle, Veteran Service Officer, being placed on administrative leave by our county government.
I must say I and many other veterans in our area are outraged at this decision. Col. Belle is a true veteran, fighter and patriot having spent his entire career helping the veterans in this area. He is a Vietnam Veteran himself who risked his life courageously to defend our country and then return home to continue the fight for our returning veterans of all foreign wars. Col. Belles true patriotic acts are being punished instead of celebrated as they should be.
Col. Belle is a great asset to our county, veteran service men and women and anyone else in need. Ask any veteran in our area and I am sure only praises will be heard with regard to him.
Please, good people of Mount Airy and our surrounding areas, please stand up and fight for Col. Belle, as he has done so many times for us.

Junior R. Payne,
Vietnam Veteran
Mount Airy

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