Rain drops keep falling on my head

First Posted: 6/17/2009

There are some people who say they love the rain I am not one of them. While I know that we need rain to quench the dry earth and to grow crops, I cant stand the seemingly non-stop rain that has fallen this spring.
I thought the saying went, April showers bring May flowers. But now we are in June and the rain just wont stop.
I wasnt all that upset about the rain when I was laid up in a hospital room. Honestly, I felt a little safer against the barrage of storms that brought lightning, hail and high winds. But now that Im out and its June, I cant understand why the high temperature on Wednesday was only 70 degrees.
On one hand, Im thrilled that my light bill has decreased significantly because Im not running the air, but on the other hand, I feel like I might have put away some of my cold weather clothes a bit prematurely.
At the beginning of the summer, I thought to myself that it might be a good idea to get a rain barrel to put out at the garden my brother and I share. But looking back at the rainfall totals this summer, Im glad I never got around to making that purchase. Now Im starting to think about somehow covering the small garden I have at home that is getting more and more water-logged every day.
Im also trying really hard to grow grass on the worn-out path from my back door to Lucys dog lot, but every time I put out grass seed it just washes away. My neighbor even tried putting some straw down to prevent the wash-out, but that didnt prove to be very successful either.
Now, I know while you are reading this column on Thursday, you will most likely be wiping sweat off your brow. Temperatures starting today and through the weekend are projected to be in the 90s with scattered thunderstorms.
In my perfect world, I would wish for perfectly balmy days with a high around 75 degrees with the occasional afternoon shower that is just enough to keep crops growing, but not enough to dampen our daily plans.
But who am I kidding? Thats never going to happen. Just like the snow bubble that tortured Mount Airy residents this winter leaving us with just a smattering of flurries, Im afraid we will just have to take whatever weather comes our way and make the best of it.
Mud pies anyone?
Mondee Tilley is a staff reporter with The Mount Airy News. She can be contacted at [email protected] or at 719-1930.

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