Yes, my power is on

First Posted: 6/29/2009

Early (for me) Monday morning, I was woken up by my cell phone ringing.
My first thought was that something was wrong. After all, anyone who knows me knows that unless I have something going on, I am not awake at 7:30 in the morning. So I roll over, pick up the phone and look at the caller ID. It says Unavailable. In the first place, I hate it when that happens. It means that I have to answer the phone or wait for a voicemail to see who it is. I opt for the voicemail option.
About 30 seconds later, the phone beeps again telling me I have a message. So I open the message and learn from Progress Energy that my power should now be restored.
Okay, so, I dont have Progress Energy. Progress Energy does not service Surry County. So that raised question number one. How did Progress Energy get my cell phone number?
Second, why would you call me to tell me that my power is back on. Would I not have realized that when, oh, say the air conditioner turned back on, the ceiling fan turned on, the refrigerator began running again or any number of other things? Or, given the fact that I was asleep at the time of the call, there is a possibility that I would not have even realized that my power was off in the first place. Were they trying to give me a wake-up call?
Third, seeing as I do not have Progress Energy and no limbs fell on power lines in my neighborhood Sunday night, I never lost power in the first place. Now while I appreciate Progress Energys commitment to customer service and informing its customers that their power has in fact been restored, I would appreciate it if the company was a little less concerned about me seeing as I am not a customer.
So, thanks Progress Energy for calling to inform me that I do in fact have power. However, if you could wait a few hours next time it would be greatly appreciated.
Morgan Wall is a staff reporter for The Mount Airy News. She can be reached at [email protected] or 719-1929.

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