Letter to the Editor

First Posted: 12/15/2009

To the Editor,

To the athletes and coaches of Mount Airy Senior High School: Words cannot express the appreciation felt by the fans of the Mount Airy Bears, and our pride for you on Saturday! A team is not a team without solid, dependable leadership from the coaches, and sportsmanlike conduct from the players at all times, despite the odds. I have never seen such professional, remarkable young men come together in the way that they did, and maintain that level throughout the entire game.
It was a nailbiting experience from the first play, till the last hurrah, and we the fans, loved every minute of it!! What a fine way to end a triumphant season, and a credit to everyone who had any part of it. Speaking entirely for myself, I would like to thank all of you for representing us in such a great way. I dont live in the city anymore, but Mount Airy will always be home, and the spirit and pride of the school will always be in my heart. And they say, its never too late to come home! My very best wishes,
Jim Dowell Jr.

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