Eviction notice leads to injuries

First Posted: 9/28/2009

An altercation linked to an eviction notice resulted in injuries to three people around midnight Sunday, including one man who was taken to a Winston-Salem hospital with wounds apparently caused by a knife.
Gray Beck, 43, suffered lacerations to the upper portion of his arm in the incident that occurred at a residence at 160 Pecan Trail in Ararat in southern Surry County.
It appeared to be a wound from a knife, Sheriff Graham Atkinson said of the incident that was dispatched through the county communications unit at 12:13 a.m. Monday.
At last report, Beck, who was transported to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, was said to be recovered from his wounds to the point that he possibly was to be released from the hospital Monday night.
Beck is a relative of Donald and Charles Beck, who own the property where the altercation occurred at the home of Granville Thomas Ray Shinault Jr., 48, and Granville Thomas Ray Shinault III, 28.
There were different reports about how the injuries resulted.
I think that the dispute revolved around a recent eviction from the Becks property, Atkinson said in relaying the official version of the incident. The Shinaults had received an eviction notice from Donald Beck, he said.
It also was reported Monday that the Shinaults had been in a noisy confrontation between themselves and Gray Beck, who lives nearby, was injured when he attempted to intervene. The Shinaults received multiple lacerations and hematomas to their heads and faces during the altercation and were taken to Northern Hospital of Surry County.
Information on their conditions was unavailable Monday afternoon.
The sheriff said that officers who went to the scene and found the three men injured got conflicting stories about what had happened. They talked to several witnesses and possible suspects there last night, he said. We have not determined who had the knife.
Atkinson added Monday afternoon that the incident was still under investigation and no charges had been filed.
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