First Posted: 4/23/2009

Vampires? Pretty cool. Teen angst? Very annoying. Combined? An edgy novel, a blockbuster movie, and unexpected phenomena sweeping the country.
Last year, as I watched movie trailers leading up to the fall release of the film Twilight , which is based on a novel of the same name written by Stephenie Meyer, I was not the least bit impressed.
It was easy to follow, teenage girl falls for a vampire, and lust and danger ensue. It seemed like something I had seen before, like Pretty in Pink, For Love or Money, or Shes all that, basically a story about someone falling in love with another teen from the wrong side of the tracks, whether its culture or socioeconomic class.
I was not familiar with the novel since I have drifted away from such books since graduating high school, and I thought the trailer for the movie was pretty predictable. To me, there was nothing left to the imagination, I felt like I knew the story before even watching the movie, so I didnt watch the movie, despite all the overwhelming positive audience response to both the film and the novel.
Even as a New York Times Editor’s Choice and a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year, which is also listed on as Best Book of the Decade…So Far and a Teen Peoples Hot List pick, I wasnt budging from my decision to stay clear of the novel and movie.
So what am I getting at? Why am I spewing off about some dark teenage romance novel?
Im not big on following trends, I tend to stray from the crowd and do my own thing, whether its fashion, movies or music. I just like what I like, and Im not easily influenced my the majority
Well, honestly, I just got zscovered the Twilight phenomena had struck our Mount Airy News office. I was aware of one co-worker, who enjoyed the book and had seen the movie, but I had no idea she wasnt the only fan. In weeks to come I discovered there were both moms and dadsyes, dads in our office who had even read the novel.
One of those dads is my editor, who is a father of five.
I discovered this while chatting with a co-worker one day who I spotted reading the book. I was sharing my disinterest in reading the book and watching the movie when I heard the sound of masculinity interject.
Are you talking about Twilight? my editor chimed in from his office.
He then expressed how he thought it was a rather good book, despite his opinion that Meyer had some undesirable writing quirks.
It was then that it happened. Cha-ching! I was sold.
If an editor of newspaper, who had been in the writing business more than 20 years, found something likable about a teenage romance novel I had been shunning for months, I thought I could be missing out on something.
So my disinterest is currently on the shelf, while I read Twilight.
My co-worker lent me her copy, since shes already on book two of the Twilight series which includes three more books: New Moon (2006), Eclipse (2007), and Breaking Dawn (2008).
Im still on the first chapter of Twilight, and its going pretty well.
But clearly I have a lot of catching up to do, since my editor is on the third book and my other co-worker has finished the entire series.
Its still too early to tell whether its love at first bite, but Ill let you know.
Erin C. Perkins is a staff reporter for the Mount Airy News. She can be reached at [email protected] or 719-1952.

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