Life without the shopping gene

First Posted: 11/26/2009

Today is one of those days when I wonder if I was dropped on my head as a child.
Black Friday doesnt hold the excitement for me that it does for many women in America. While throngs rush to department stores at 4 a.m., I will still be curled up in my bed in the middle of a peaceful slumber.
One of my co-workers made me feel a little bit better when she informed me that she was also devoid of the shopping gene.
Last year, I got up early to shop on Black Friday for the first time. Sure I got a few good deals, but the only part of that trip worth repeating was the time I spent with my grandmother.
After getting up at the crack of dawn and still fighting for a mediocre parking spot, I had to elbow my way through crowded aisles to find a few pieces of clothing to try on. The dressing room was quite congested, leading to more waiting. Did I mention that I had to wait in a line that wrapped halfway around the store when I finally decided on my purchases?
No, I dont want to repeat that experience again. The sales are good, but theyre not good enough for me to lose my sanity. This isnt hard to do when youre a person who quickly bores of shopping on even the slowest of days.
When my dad and sister went to buy a computer in Winston-Salem last Black Friday, they literally saw fights break out between people who wanted the last one. Fortunately, Mount Airy seems to be a fairly friendly and laid-back place from what Ive seen. But tensions could still run high among some shoppers.
Some of you might smugly say, I dont shop on Black Friday either. I hate the masses. But I would venture to say that many of you do enjoy shopping, just not in crowded stores.
What is it about shopping that makes so many people feel so good? Does it provide people with a feeling of self-worth?
Why do we buy multiple dresses and suits that were only going to wear once or twice before discarding or forgetting about them? Why do we buy things on sale that we dont need and would regularly not even want simply because the price is good?
These questions are not simply directed to the ladies. They go out to men, too, because Im beginning to suspect that men like to shop just as much as women do.
I learned this from observing my dad. He, like many other men, acts like he doesnt like to shop. Yet he always seems to have the newest backpacking gadget or movie. He is an avid yard sale and Goodwill shopper. The man goes through spells where he goes to a different Goodwill almost every day. You cant tell me that he doesnt have the shopping gene.
So women, and men, out there who are admiring their Black Friday finds: Go ahead and enjoy your day. I may not understand. I may even think that you are the ones who are freaks. But hey, what do I know? Im just a woman without the shopping gene.
Meghann Evans is a staff reporter with The Mount Airy News. She can be reached at [email protected] or at 719-1952.

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