Experience rules at Mount Airy alumni game

First Posted: 12/29/2009

Chalk one up for the old guys.
The older Mount Airy team, led by Granite Bears boys Jayvee coach Levi Goins, took the younger boys to the cleaners in Tuesdays annual Mount Airy alumni basketball game, running away with a lopsided 54-39 win.
Jay Joyce served up several 3-pointers for the youngsters, and the length of Andrew Webb and Eric Barnett caused problems all game long.
All in good fun, coach Kevin Spainhour said it is always a pleasure to have his former players return to continue the family atmosphere the program has enjoyed since Spainhours arrival.
This is always a special day, Spainhour said. As a coach I look forward to it, I know the alumni look forward to it. For me so much of coaching is not just about wins and losses and xs and os, I really enjoy forging relationships with these guys. To reunite with them, to see them again, to share memories and laughs, its a special day and a lot of fun.
Levi Goins, a 2001 graduate, said the game means just as much to the players as it does the Bears coach.
Having a strong program with Coach Spainhour and having those guys staying in contact with each other all the time, it means a lot to the guys who played here to come back and play this game, Goins said. We joke around and have fun but it means a lot to play on this floor and I think all of the guys would say that.
Goins, who is in his first steps to becoming a varsity head coach himself, said the strength of the program is only helped by showing the younger generations what it means to play at Mount Airy and the camaraderie that remains after graduation.
These kids that are coming to watch us play, they may not remember when Brian and I played, but they remember Robbie Rives, Goins said. I remember seeing Wade (Moody) and those guys watch us play. We just grew up watching the guys ahead of us and its fun to come back and do the same thing.
Brian Hayes, a member of the 2002 state championship team and an assistant coach at North Brunswick High School, said the game shows just how important Mount Airy athletics are to its products.
There is a lot of tradition in Mount Airy with just about every sport and basketball is one of the strongest, Hayes said. It feels great to come back and be a part of that and keep the tradition alive. It feels great to come run with our old boys and some of the newer boys and then have these younger boys who will be in our spot in 10-15 years doing what we did, hopefully even better.

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