Letter to the Editor

First Posted: 10/31/2009

To the Editor,

By now everyone should know our city election is this Tuesday (11/3), and we have an important choice between two candidates for Mayor. I strongly support Deborah Cochran as the best choice for a number of reasons. Many, many of us feel our city government has taxed and spent far too freely over the past 8-10 years. We are now among the highest in per capita taxes of the 90 + cities in our size range and also in water rates among area cities. This is in addition to having spent away millions of what we once had in surplus, having huge water rate hikes, borrowing millions of new debt, and having our property taxes go up and up. These things are bad for taxpayers and a big negative for attracting new business. We must not continue along the same old road.
My support for Deborah is because I know her to have high personal integrity, strong values, and a sincere desire to do her best for all citizens. Ive seen her demonstrate those qualities over and over during her time as a city Commissioner, and have seen her vote wisely on the issues that came up. One of the most important qualities she demonstrates is being conservative on financial matters, both personally and on city issues. A persons lifestyle tells us much about how they would act in a leadership position and we can be sure Deborah would provide the good stewardship our city finances need so much just now.
Weve had some welcome new faces on our board over the past couple of years and next week will bring still more. Electing the right Mayor will give our new board a real opportunity to improve our city government.

John Pritchard
Mount Airy

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