Letters to The News

First Posted: 12/1/2009

To the Editor,

Garland Smith gripes about the criticisms of Virginia Foxx but does not deny that they are true. He thinks that my two letters to the Mount Airy News over the past year are too much. The last letter I had in the News was on local unemployment in November 2008. Mr. Peters has had one editorial about Foxx. If Foxx cant stand the heat then get out of the kitchen.
He thinks that Foxx is doing a good job? Really? Just what legislation has Foxx introduced and had passed into law? Exactly one bill in the past 7 years. What has she done for the Fifth District? Fifty thousand dollars for the Teapot Museum. And those are her accomplishments for the 7 years she has been in Washington. With the Fifth District in dire straits the best she can do is vote against extending unemployment insurance for the thousands of people out of work in the District. and against the State Childrens Insurance Program.
Foxx pretends to be a fiscal conservative but during George Bushs eight years in office he ran up a deficit of over ten TRILLION dollars Foxx was there for 6 of those years. Did she ever vote against Bushs budgets? Did she ever vote against Bushs tax cuts for the top ten percent of taxpayers while we were waging two wars? Did she vote not to waste money in Iraq and Afghanistan? Not that I can remember, so she is just as responsible for the huge Bush deficits as he is.

Herbert C. Gullatt
Mount Airy NC

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