Surry SCAN helps community get ready for holiday

First Posted: 11/19/2009

The 308 Bistro and Old North State Winery building turned into a winter wonderland for a good cause Thursday night.
From the New Moon tree donated by the Mount Airy Jaycees to the Playful Polka Dot wreath donated by RBCentura Bank, area organizations and businesses came together to help out the Surry Stop Child Abuse Now Parade of Trees fundraiser.
There were trees and wreaths decorated to suit any taste. The trees came in all sizes from tiny table-toppers like Whats Needling Ewes Homemade Christmas tree to the larger trees such as Video Works Black and White Movies. The wreathes came in all sizes as well with Surrey Bank and Trusts Red and Gold wreath clearly the largest.
Surry SCANs tree was designed to get across a message. The white tree, which the organization named Bruises, was decorated in blue and black to represent the bruises many children will wear this Christmas.
For those gathered at the silent auction, it was a chance to help out the cause as well as get ready for the quickly-approaching holiday season. The trees come decorated so all the lucky winner has to do is pick it up, take it home and set it up in the right spot.
Its a good cause. We should raise money to help the children. We participated last year and bid on some trees. Its a great idea and it brings in a lot of people from the community, said Gini Hodges, whose kids had their eyes on a couple of trees, including the Winter Wonderland tree donated by Crossroads Baptist Church GAs.
While the kids did not get that tree, they each won a tree that they bid on themselves. Nine-year-old Taylor won the Video Works black-and-white Hollywood tree that he is excited to set up in his room at home. Almost 8-year-old Kenzie ended up with the Surry SCAN tree.
For the staff of Surry SCAN, the evening raises money for their Christmas Fund and childrens programming.
Its helping buy Christmas presents and its getting information about child abuse out there. People are recognizing its a problem, said Heather Hunt, staff member at Surry SCAN.
The organization also had a clothes pin tree where people could attach monetary donations.
Mary Planer is a member of the Mount Airy Womans League, which donated the Silver Wonderland tree with a matching centerpiece.
If you need a tree, all someone would have to do is take it home and set it up, she said of the event.
Its a wonderful way to start the season and a wonderful way to raise money, said Marti Loftis. Its also a good way to get new ideas.
While many of the children at the event had their eyes on trees for their parents to bid on, two young ladies had their eyes on the bidding sheets for another reason.
Jocelyn Long and Alexus Cain helped to decorate Liberty Home Cares Blue Christmas tree.
We just started decorating, said Cain, as she and Long eyed the sheet for number seven to see how far the going price had risen in the last couple of minutes.
I hope they put us on number one, said Long.
While the girls were most interested in how their own tree was doing, they did take the time to scout out the other trees and choose a few favorites.
I do like the Hollywood one and I do like the one with clothes pins, said Cain. And I like our tree.
I like most of them, said Long, before pointing out a couple of favorites.
Most people seemed to have the strategy of waiting until the end to place their bids. Since the format of a silent auction gives the last person on the sheet the prize, this seemed like a safe idea. Sure enough, when the call went out for 10 minutes left, the feeding frenzy around the bidding table began and did not cease until the call came for final bids. However, a few people were anxious enough to get started to place their bids early and then keep check on their prizes as the night wore on.
The 308 Bistro provided an all-you-can-eat pasta dinner during the evening with part of the proceeds going to Surry SCAN.
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