Municipal water quantity and quality

First Posted: 8/4/2009

Much has been written and studies from all directions published regarding the need for water and sewer infrastructure to serve most all areas of Surry County. The infrastructure needs or the part that involves getting pipes in the ground is certainly getting lots of ink and attention. We accept the fact that the countys municipal processing infrastructure is capable of producing municipal water in sufficient quantity to serve the current and future anticipated needs for water, and possibly sewer, for the county.
The cost of the engineering work and planning required, and the actual costs for pipes and pumps to get the water where needed, is creating most of the studies and discussion. Our efforts to obtain resources or infrastructure dollars are primarily for two main purposes. First, to maintain the existing infrastructure assets in good condition, replacing worn out portions as needed, and to be sure all is functioning as required for current needs. Second, to get resources or dollars to extend existing lines and provide pumps for new areas of need for growth and expansion and to enable economic development. Over the years the citizens of Mount Airy have borne the burden of the cost of developing and maintaining our citys water system, so all of our citizens and water customers could benefit from it.
The above is fairly well known by all of our citizens and certainly our current water and sewer customers. In this column I just wanted to emphasize and communicate to everyone the major, and I mean MAJOR, attention we give to the QUALITY of the water we deliver to our citizens. We publish annually a water quality report and attempt to highlight in that report some summary information regarding the extensive tests conducted on a regular basis to insure we are delivering a safe and healthy quality product into our water customers homes.
I would encourage all interested individuals to read and study this fairly detailed report and to understand as stated in the report The City of Mount Airys Drinking Water Meets or Exceeds All Federal and State Drinking Water Standards. In addition to the treatment of all water processed to remove or reduce the level of any contaminants, the sources we use from Stewarts and Lovills creeks are also checked on a regular basis. This monitors the incoming water quality so we can accurately determine the treatment required to ensure the outgoing water quality is great for all of our water customers.
Water is required for life. Good, clean water is required for good health and must be free from many types of contaminants We are thankful for our abundant availability of water and our ability to provide it to our customers, and we want our citizens to rest assured the water coming from the Mount Airy Municipal System is safe and healthy.
Jack Loftis is the mayor of Mount Airy. The Community Forum is a periodic column which appears in The Mount Airy News, offering local leaders and organizations an opportunity to address area residents. The opinions expressed in the Community Forum do not necessarily reflect those of The Mount Airy News.

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