County schools to take look at contracts and agreements

First Posted: 9/7/2009

DOBSON The Surry County Board of Education will meet today at 5 p.m. at the central office located in Dobson.
During the meeting, the board will be asked to approve a laptop agreement and handbook for students and parents to sign. With the implementation of the first wave of the 1:1 laptop initiative scheduled to begin before the end of this calendar year, this agreement will provide guidelines for the use of the laptops. The agreement will also include the proposal for a $27 insurance fee on each computer to help pay for repair or replacement of damaged computers.
The board will also be asked to approve a final budget for this school year.
The board will be asked to review several contracts and agreements to reapprove for this school year. The Yadkin Valley Economic Development District Inc., or YVEDDI, transportation agreement is re-examined and renewed each year to allow YVEDDI to provide transportation for students when necessary. The Personal Transportation Contract allows the school system to have a personal contract with parents allowing them to transport students when the school system cannot provide transportation. The board will be asked to approve two of these requests. The Exceptional Childrens Program contract is up for renewal with Barium Springs Home for Children, which provides assistance to the county school system.
With the number of printers and copiers used throughout the school district, the board will consider the approval of a lease option for printers, printer supplies and copiers that will save the system money and will also provide better service.
The English as a Second Language program has come under review and the plan has been revised by a group including ESL parents, teachers and members of the administrative team to incorporate new standards set forth by the state Department of Public Instruction. The program will be reviewed yearly to monitor its effectiveness and to evaluate the academic success of Limited English Proficient students.
The board will be asked to approve the 2009 auction of surplus school supplies. It will also be asked to give permission to East Surry High School to install a new sound system at the soccer/football stadium that was purchased by Ken Lowe.
The board will receive updates on the construction of the two new schools as well as on instruction matters.
The board will recognize Nicole Hazelwood as the Surry County Schools outstanding elementary mathematics teacher and Kim Morris for publishing Through the Eyes of Love, her first book.

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