Thumbs up

First Posted: 9/25/2009

A big thumbs up this week to the Economic Development Partnership, officials with Mount Airy, Surry County, and the One North Carolina Fund. The agencies worked together, put needed financial incentives on the table, and yesterday welcomed Central States Manufacturing Inc.
The work will pay off with at least 45 new, good-paying jobs here by summer, and Fridays groundbreaking was some welcome news in the midst of the slow economy. Perhaps this is the start of the local economic recovery.
To the Surry Arts Council and hundreds of volunteers who have put on the 20th annual Mayberry Days this weekend.
The event is a boon to the local tourism industry, but more importantly, it is simply a time for folks to come together, have fun, relive old times, and feel good about themselves and their world. Anything which can do this should be treasured.
To the Surry County school system for its 1:1 laptop initiative, which began coming to fruition this week with delivery of laptops to students at Gentry Middle School.
Laptops and other computer-run technology are quickly becoming as vital to everyday life as calendars and notebooks once were. This commitment by the school system, even in the course of difficult economic times, puts local students on par, or ahead, of many of their counterparts in integrating technology into their every day lives.

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