Letter to The News

First Posted: 2/13/2009

To the editor,

On Thursday Mondee Tilley wrote about Valentines Day being geared towards couples. The tone of the article is that if youre not in a relationship then youre missing out on this holiday, and presumably on other holidays that have to do with sharing gifts, dreams, and being romantic. First, let me say that this holiday was brought to us courtesy of the greeting card and candy companies in order to sell their wares. Secondly, if youre not involved in a relationship, only you can change that, providing you want to change and are willing to put forth an effort to change. Many folks are in relationships only because the world expects that of us, and the feeling for many is that its better to be there than in no relationship. Mondees article does nothing but perpetuate the myth brought to us by folks that have a need to see all people coupled, or that not being in a relationship equals unhappiness.
Having been single for many years, I find Valentines Day, and for that matter, other holidays, are what you make of them! You can choose to celebrate the day with friends, siblings, children (if you have some, even baby-sitting for them so they can go out), going to singles events, and any number of things that are offered to those not in a relationship, or choose to be unhappy. I am aware Mount Airy is more of a family town than, say Winston-Salem, but Winston is only 45 minutes away, and there are a lot of things for singles to do there. All it takes is the effort to change the way you see yourself, and be willing to put forth the effort, then perhaps holidays would be more appealing.

F. Deweese
Mount Airy

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