Alleged meth user makes mess

First Posted: 12/9/2009

PILOT MOUNTAIN A man allegedly high on crystal methamphetamine wreaked havoc on Cook School Road Tuesday night.
Officers responded to a suspicious persons call at 328 Cook School Road in Pilot Mountain at 8:30 p.m. There they found Anthony Fitzgerald Taylor, 46, of 1045 Howell St., Pilot Mountain, outside in the road.
According to Sheriff Graham Atkinson, the Taylor said he had been using ice and had been high for several days. Ice, another term for crystallized meth, is a purer and more potent form of meth.
Atkinson said deputies found Taylor in the road holding a 4-by-4 wooden post. He allegedly had been hitting vehicles and damaging property with it. The sheriff said he caused a total of $1,500 damage to five vehicles.
When the officers started to take Taylor into custody, Atkinson said he resisted and electronic control devices, or tasers, had to be used. It allegedly took three officers and several tasings to take Taylor down.
Atkinson said Taylors strength was a result of the meth. He explained, Its a super amphetamine. It increases your strength and tolerance for pain.
Taylor was then handcuffed and strapped to a stretcher before being transported to Northern Hospital of Surry County. According to Atkinson, Taylor allegedly struck a security guard at the hospital.
There was an outstanding warrant on Taylor for unauthorized use of a vehicle. Atkinson said Taylor will also be charged for damage to property and resisting arrest. Taylor was released on a written promise with an unsecured bond of $5,000.
Atkinson said he believed Taylor was in poor physical condition and suffering from kidney problems. The hospital would not release the patients condition.
The sheriff said that crystal meth is a big problem in Surry County. He listed meth, cocaine and prescription drugs as the biggest drug problems in the area.
Taylors arrest was the second violent incident related to drugs in the past week, according to Atkinson. Officers responded to a similar call near Elkin last Saturday night.
Atkinson said the severely violent reaction could be attributed to an unusually strong batch of meth, but theres no way to tell where the meth came from. He said the sheriffs office is finding large amounts of meth, but there is still a lot of it out there, coming from many different sources.
The sheriff said, Thank goodness the commissioners responded to our request for tasers.
He said in both of the recent incidents, tasers prevented anyone from getting seriously injured during the arrests.
Its just about the best tool weve got on our belt, said Atkinson.
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