Two sellers recognized

First Posted: 11/20/2009

Two area Celebrating Home designers have been recognized by the company for their success.
Kimberly Jenkins of Mount Airy has been honored as being among Celebrating Homes Top 25 Achievers for Personal Recruiting for the month of September.
Carolyn Gordon of Dobson has been recognized for being an exceptional business leader in the community for her reputation for going above and beyond to promote the brand and its products.
Its amazing what hard work and determination will do, Jenkins said. I am so happy to receive the Personal Recruiting Award this month. Im glad to know that my achievements are being recognized.
I am thankful that with Celebrating Home I am able to make my own time and my own money, she added. It is a great feeling to have the lifestyle of success running my own business, while still having time to spend with my family.
I am so passionate about Celebrating Home and what the brand has to offer, and I believe that this passion shines through my work, said Gordon. I am honored to be recognized for my hard work and dedication. It has been such a pleasure to represent the Celebrating Home brand.
Celebrating Home has opened so many doors for me financially and personally, and the least I can do to express my gratitude is enhance my service to the Dobson community, Gordon added. This recognition motivates me to set more goals for my business.
Celebrating Home, headquartered in Marshall, Texas, offers products to decorate and enliven homes, including pottery, candles, lamps and more. For more information, contact Jenkins at 325-5877 or [email protected] or Gordon at 356-4231 or [email protected]

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