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First Posted: 11/13/2009

To the North Surry High School construction and masonry classes and the local Lowes Hardware. A great partnership has been formed in North Surrys and Lowes working together to improve facilities at Reeves Community Center.
The students got hands-on skills building while they and the staff at Lowes performed a community service to a center that provides a number of services to residents of the city and the surrounding area.
To the North Surry High School volleyball team and to Mount Airy High Schools Matus Kriska. Both the team and Kriska have spent hours honing skills and training and it all paid off with a state championship win for the volleyball team and a state title in cross country for Kriska.
To Pilot Mountain State Park and the Forsyth Astronomical Society. Park rangers allowed the state park to be opened late into the night and society members set up telescopes for use by the public.
The partnership, which has been ongoing for some time, allows people a chance to experience the stars and nature in a new light, or lack thereof. It may just be the inspiration a kid or adult needs to find a new hobby or career, and an encouragement to find science interesting.
To Millennium Charter Academy, White Plains Christian School and Surry Community College, and all others who took time to honor our veterans this past week.
Our veterans did a great service by protecting our freedom and fighting for our country. It is good to see young people as well as adults take the time to recognize the service our veterans gave.
To Barry McMillian, Robert Coleson and Roger Horton. These three men serve the county as paramedics on a daily basis, helping make a difference in the lives of our countys residents.
Last weekend, the threesome showed the world what paramedics in Surry County are made of by winning the International Trauma Life Support Paramedic Competition.
To all of those who spend time volunteering to support the Dogwood District of the Boy Scouts of America. The Boy Scouts program as well as the Learning for Life program that features area Explorer posts give our youth a chance to learn about life, politics, nature and more, as well as training them to take on future leadership positions.

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