Letter to the Editor

First Posted: 2/19/2009

To the Editor,

I want to start this commentary by thanking the people of Mount Airy and the surrounding area for being nice to me for the past nearly three years.
Although the circumstances that brought me here initionally werent planned by any sense of the imagination, what at first I looked at as a negative is and has been for some time been turning into positive. For a long time, I wasnt sure whether to stay or go. I had seemed to be getting both signs. Then, the lite bulb came on!
When I once again started to think positive, positive things would begin to happen. Oh, still for a long time there were still negatives, but not as many or so huge. And I stopped not so much thinking about what others thought of me, but what I thought of myself. Sometimes it even takes a Godsmack as Bruce the radio guy puts it.
I also want to thank Freddie the Candy Guy; Brenda, the former Candle gal, Paul the burger Guy, Al the car guy, the Downtown Cinema guy, the Mount Airy P.D., the library staff and others whom have helped me along my path. Most ma y not even know that they were important, but they were and are to me.
Its not Mayberry, its Mount Airy. Even though I was an avid follower of the show growing up in Wisconsin, the people make the town/area not the other way around. And I want to thank the local newspaper for letting me express my thoughts. And there are a few of the papers staff whom I think are excellent writers from the heart.

Carl J. Blahnik
Mount Airy

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