Letter to the Editor

First Posted: 7/23/2009

To the Editor,

My first visit to North Carolina was not without incident. I received a speeding ticket. I was not speeding. As a matter of fact, it was so foggy that morning that I was being especially alert as to speed and what lay ahead through the thickness of the fog. The officer said 81mph. Not hardly! Why was I stopped? I can only guess. Previously, I had heard only good things about North Carolina. It is beautiful country and I enjoyed my visit. I paid the ticket. What choice did I have.
For those of us from out of town it would cost more to come back. Is this the kind of treatment I can expect in your state? I can only hope that my next visit to North Carolina will give me a better impression. And to those lawyers who sent me an advertisement the very next day about representing me, Ill just pay the ticket.

John Everett
Indianapolis, Ind.

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