ArtsBall offers a chance for all to support arts in the schools

First Posted: 3/4/2009

The annual Surry County ArtsBall is this Saturday, and we hope all who can will support this activity and the Surry Arts Council.
Over the course of the 2008-2009 school year, tens of thousands of local youth benefit from the councils work to bring more than 100 free programs into the schools. The council puts the price tag of these programs at about $70,000. More than a third of that was raised at the 2008 ArtsBall.
There are some who might question the necessity of such programs, and in truth, they arent absolutely necessary. The only things that are truly necessary are food, shelter and clothing. Beyond that, the nearly necessary would include at least a basic education and good, decent health care.
As a society, however, we are defined by more than simply providing the necessary or nearly necessary. Exposure to the arts at such a young age can build an appreciation of those arts in children and youth. For a few, that might even mean a career choice in some artistic endeavor. For others, hopefully for many, being exposed first-hand to the arts, and to other cultural influences, can lead to a lifetime hobby.
Art is one of those things that can enrich a life, make living more enjoyable, add to the quality of life. And who can argue with wanting to give that to our children?
We hope many will turn out to support the ArtsBall, and those who cant, we hope, will find other ways to support the Surry Arts Council and its school-based programs.

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