Plants complete the final phase of Pilot Mountains beautification project

First Posted: 10/14/2009

PILOT MOUNTAIN Town officials and garden club members spruced up downtown Pilot Mountain on Tuesday by planting shrubs and trees for the final phase of the Downtown Beautification Project.
For the past month, crews have been putting in curbside planters in various spots throughout downtown. On Tuesday, volunteers filled these seven planters with shrubbery and trees.
This is to beautify our town. To make it friendly for walking … Really, to bring our town together, said Linda Needham, town commissioner.
The planting was completed in one day with the help of members from the Pilot Mountain Garden Club. Vicki Sheppard is a member of the club who came out to help downtown. She said the club is active in the community as it has members come from various locations in Surry County.
This is going to be a community project, Needham noted as she began to work alongside garden club members.
The shrubs and trees were purchased from Mitchells Nursery. Most of the planters were filled with jupiters and crape myrtles. Other greenery, such as red buds and perennials, were spaced throughout. Mulch was then to be spread around the beds.
There should be something green or blooming all year round, said Blair Knox, town manager.
The planting was the final phase of a four-year project dedicated to beautifying downtown Pilot Mountain. Weve worked hard, Needham said.
According to the town manager, all aspects of the beautification project should be completed in the next few weeks. The town just has to fix some downtown drains.
The town received grants to pay for the beautification project. The North Carolina Rural Center granted the town $55,000 and the North Carolina Department of Transportation granted $30,000.
With these funds, the town was able to get new sidewalks, crosswalks, bump outs and vegetation spots. Knox said the crosswalks had to be done according to DOT design. The improvements also helped the town better manage traffic while making things safer for pedestrians.
We want the downtown environment to be where you can walk downtown and not feel like youre going to get run over, Knox explained.
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