Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

First Posted: 1/23/2009

Thumbs Up
The local community member who provided a heater to Anita Anderson.
Some of you may recall our story from earlier this week. Andersons furnace had gone out, and with the recent cold weather, the temperature in her home was down to 53 degrees and still falling. This Good Samaritan not only delivered a heater, but programmed it so that Anderson could simply sit back and enjoy the warmth.
To the folks at Feeding Friends, which includes members of First Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church and Calvary Baptist Church, as well as Food Lion, and others. This group serves up hot meals and good fellowship every week to anyone who shows up. In this time of tight home budgets, this is no doubt a blessing for all those who receive the meal and friendship.

Thumbs Down
To the scoundrel who is calling local residents, posing as someone raising money to outfit local county deputies with bullet-proof vests.
First off, Sheriff Graham Atkinson said his officers have all the vests they need, and the county foots the bill for these.
Second, this person is preying on the good-hearted nature of area folks, and presenting a supposed need that most anyone would be willing to donate to.
We hope law enforcement can find and prosecute this person, and that he garners a lengthy jail term for his trouble. There are enough legitimate needs today that area folks shouldnt have to put up with this type of scam artist.

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