Letter to the Editor

First Posted: 9/15/2009

To the Editor,

There is a lot of buzz around town about the Fibrowatt Plant they plan to build here in Elkin. Why don’t they call it what it is? Its an incinerator, not a plant. Why dont they tell the truth about jobs Its not going to create local jobs.
Sure, they are going to build a plant, but their own crew will be moved here to do that. Their crew will come, use our highways, health care facilities, parks, and schools but when the incinerator is finished, they will move on to build another incinerator or plant somewhere else.
Local electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and laborers are not going to be on the building site.
Furthermore, what the Board of Commission is not telling you is that it will put toxins into the air we breathe. It WILL lower property values approximately 20%. It WILL hurt when you go to sell your home.
People dont move into an area where there is an incinerator. Would you? It WILL discourage vineyards and other clean business from coming to our county.
It WILL hurt our fledgling tourism business and have a negative impact on our community. 75% of the vineyards, 38 physicians and 11 pharmacists have signed petitions asking the Board NOT TO ALLOW Fibrowatt to come here. But five men are going to stand against the wishes of the majority of the people and jam it down our throats, choking us in more ways than one. There is an organized group in Elkin, (CACHE) fighting against it, there is a state organization, (BREDL) fighting against it. Heck, even the power companies who will be forced to buy the very expensive electricity are against it!
More people have to stand up and tell the board of commissioners, the ones we elected to serve our best interests, that they are not doing that. And please, join CACHE or BREDL in its fight!

Joan Vasata

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