Students build walls for habitat home

First Posted: 5/25/2009

After six weeks of measuring, cutting and hammering, the walls for a 1,100-square-foot Habitat for Humanity home were completed by construction technology students at North Surry High School.
The class, made up off all seniors, loaded the heavy walls onto a truck from Riverside Building Supply, Inc. Thursday morning. The walls will eventually be used to build a home on Apostle Drive near the Jones Resource Center in Mount Airy.
The home is being built for a family of four a mother and her three children. It will be three bedrooms and one bathroom with a laundry room that could be turned into a bathroom. The home will also feature a den, dinning room and kitchen combination.
Mitch Martin, construction technology teacher at North Surry, said his students truly enjoyed building the walls for habitat.
Tim VanHoy, executive director for the Greater Mount Airy Habitat for Humanity, said he is pleased with the partnership between the schools and habitat.
We give the materials to the schools and they get hands-on learning experience in construction technology and architecture, VanHoy said.
He said habitat has also partnered with Riverside Building Supply, Inc., which sells habitat the lumber at a discount.
They have also donated their services to move the walls from the schools to the build site, VanHoy said.
Jerry Coram, owner of Coram Construction, provides his services to habitat as a licensed contractor.
He has been super to us this year. He oversees the build sites, pulls permits, donates his employees and resources to help us get the houses built, VanHoy said.
He said habitat, Coram, Riverside and school personnel wanted to take an opportunity to thank the students in person at the school Thursday when the walls were loaded and taken away.
First and foremost, I believe in our young people, give them a chance to learn skills that will help them in the future. They have been a super asset to us.
VanHoy said Kendra Simmons is the recipient of home that the students built walls for at North Surry. She was unable to attend because of her work at Surry Community College. He said Simmons home would be built starting in September.
On June 18 and 19, VanHoy said a group from Pennsylvania, about 180 to 200 people, will be coming to the area for a blitz build on three homes in the Dobson community. The group plans to finish three homes in 10 days. East Surry students built the walls for one of those houses. Students from Surry Central High School will be providing housing during their stay. The group will be staying in the gym at that school while the homes are under construction and the students will be hosting them.
VanHoy said Dean Bray III is allowing habitat to store the walls picked up today until the build in September.
We are thankful to the schools, and we hope it will continue to grow and involve more parts of the school including horticulture perhaps. I think this is a great partnership for students and habitat and the community, VanHoy said.
Jill Reinhardt, Surry County Schools career and technical education director, and Sonia Dickerson, teacher quality coordinator, were on hand for the event at the school.
This years partnership is making an impact on our students. This will help further our students education on how important the construction industry is to the local economy. I hope we can continue to partner with habitat for future projects, Reinhardt said.
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